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Scheduled Maintenance

Maintenance schedules extend the life of your system, protecting your cash flows from huge hits and increases the electrical and mechanical efficiency of your system cooling or heating for less every month.

Join E. WALK’s Maintenance Schedule for regular evaluations of your system’s electrical and mechanical efficiency, cooling effectiveness, and air quality. 

2 Visits per year (Summer & Winter) Includes:

  • Blower, blower belt and condenser fan visual inspection twice per year.

  • Electrical connections visual inspection twice per year.

  • Gas furnace or electrical heating run test (once per year during heating season).

  • Refrigerant charge testing (once per year during cooling season).

  • Evaporator and condenser coil visual inspection.

  • Basic condenser coil cleaning (once per year)

  • Motor and compressor amperage measurement once per year.

  • Condensate drain visual inspection.

  • Visual inspection of roof or grounds adjoining equipment.

If you need a custom solution, we can certainly accomodate. Fill out this form to let us know what you need and we will get back to you on pricing. 

Our Guarantee:

If something fails between visits, we’ll discount up
20% off labor to make it right.

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